Making fog on the film is the result of vapor condensation on the surface. Because of systems’ high moist in greenhouses and food packaging films, this case is very probable. Making water drop on the inner surface of film and falling it on plants causes some problems such as: destroying products, reducing soil’s efficiency, spreading pests and fungi’s and so on.


Mulches have different types, which need to be chosen based on each product or area’s needs.

Mulches are categorized to two types: organic and inorganic.

Organic mulch:

Organic or Biodegradable mulch contains natural substances such as: dry grass, straw, chaff, tree skin, chopped wood, leaf, sawdust and compost.

inorganic mulch:

Inorganic or chemical mulches are called as covers made of plastic that are broadened on the soil.

This product is used to prevent the growth of weeds and also to evaporate the water from the soil. Plants grow from the pores which are made on the surface of the film. Usually this system comes with drip irrigation.

The thickness of these films is between 30 to 50 Microns. Plastic mulch comes from different colors and sizes for a wide variety of requirements. Durability of mulches depends on their thickness. Durability is an important factor in plastic mulches. Most of plastics are used in cultivations, but heavy storms can tear them down. Tight plastics persist even after two times of cultivation. Plastic mulches are placed in the shape of parallel lines on the prepared soil. Soil bed should be without the rest of the plants and it should be tightened to the edge of the soil by a heavy thing. Mulch should stick to the soil tightly to help transferring the heat be done well and prevent its movement by wind. Mulch’s movement by wind might tear down the plastic and destroy its ability. Also, layers of mulch can be a barrier to prevent the exit of a toxic gas (Methyl Bromide), which is used to kill the soil’s bacteria. Mulch film gives farmers this opportunity to use Methyl Bromide




 The twenty fourth international exhibition of agriculture industry and nutrition ( Iran agro food 2017) was held in the best way possible this year too and  massive presence of productive companies and people’s massive welcome to visit was definitely a difference of this year and fortunately, Niloofar Plastic Company had a good sparkle and it was able to take a new step to present its productive abilities.


The witness of this issue is the extensive presence of visitors whether local or foreigners in Niloofar Plastic Company’s pavilion and also, it was an honor that dignified Minister of industry and mining, Mr. Dr. Nemat Zade visited our pavilion.



Considering the importance of the role of international exhibitions in introducing production and exports of country, the twenty third international exhibition of agriculture industry, food, machinery and related industries- Iran agro food 2016- was held in the regular place of Tehran permanent exhibitions from 10 to 30th  Khordad in 1395.


To make the environment of exhibition more professional and to use the help of visitors more, this year exhibition was held with the participation of local and foreign participants  in three parts such as: Iran food, Iran Tak and Iran agro, too.



The international exhibition of Iran Plast is one of the most important and most visited exhibitions in the country, which big and influential companies in the economic cycle of country participate in it. The tenth period of this exhibition was held in the regular place of Tehran international exhibition from 25 to 29th Farvardin and 900 local and foreign companies along with 113 active companies related to components and relevent industries were presented.

 Niloofar Plastic company, which produces green house’s film to the length of 10 meters, participates each year and introduces its productions to dignified visitors.