The twenty fourth international exhibition of agriculture industry and nutrition ( Iran agro food 2017) was held in the best way possible this year too and  massive presence of productive companies and people’s massive welcome to visit was definitely a difference of this year and fortunately, Niloofar Plastic Company had a good sparkle and it was able to take a new step to present its productive abilities.


The witness of this issue is the extensive presence of visitors whether local or foreigners in Niloofar Plastic Company’s pavilion and also, it was an honor that dignified Minister of industry and mining, Mr. Dr. Nemat Zade visited our pavilion.


 In this exhibition, Niloofar Plastic Company introduced its productive products to the dignified visitors professionally and of course, it received good offers by local and foreign experts in production field. It should be mentioned that this exhibition was held in three parts: Iran food, Iran food Tak and Iran agro.